December Daily: Creating Pages

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After I received my December Daily supplies, I put them in the purple bin below and waited for a time to work on my holiday scrapbook. A week or so later, I put all of the pages on one of the 3″ rings. That was as far as I got until today.

2010 Dec Daily Prep #3

I got out my tools to drill some holes so that I could put use 2 of my 3″ rings. It was a lot of fun combining my tools with scrapbooking items.

2010 Dec Daily Prep #12010 Dec Daily Prep #2

I added my 6″x6″ paper into the page protectors and then put all of the pages on two 3″ rings. I am so excited how good this turned out. I counted the pages and realized I have the exact amount of pages to go from Nov. 20th – Jan. 3rd. I have to put numbers on the pages, but it is just about ready for the pictures and notes.

2010 Dec Daily Prep #42010 Dec Daily Prep #5

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